Fares Ghattas is the Global CEO of The Luxury Network International, the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing and business networking group; creating partnerships between the world’s most prestigious luxury brands with a team specialized in high-end luxury areas such as finance, motorsport, nautical, health, and beauty, aviation, real estate, travel, jewellery and watches, entertainment and fashion, among others.

With over a decade of experience in the luxury industry, he has successfully developed a vast amount of marketing strategies for global luxury brands to help boost their sales.

He has been also a long partner of Media Consulta ( MC Group ) developing all the different forms of communication to develop integrated campaigns that are tailored to various clients’ needs mainly in Qatar and Turkey since 2010.

He has been appointed as the Diplomatic Council’s Head of Mission Middle East. The Diplomatic Council has been granted by the United Nations the highest status that can be achieved for a non-governmental organization (NGO).

H.E. Fares graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon, with a degree in Business Management, he then took over his father’s real estate construction firm, Diver for Property Development SAL. He changed the company’s name to FG Realty and shifted its focus to real estate brokerage and property management. He is the CEO of FG Realty, with offices operating in Lebanon and Qatar.

In 2005, he moved from Lebanon to Qatar, where he made a name in the real estate business. H.E. Fares was well-known to be the man who sources luxury real estate. Since then, his love for everything luxury has flourished.

In 2016, H.E. Fares was honoured by IIMSAM, the Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations’ Economic & Social Council, the title of Goodwill Ambassador, due to his fundraising or philanthropic acts, and initiatives in eliminating malnutrition globally.

Some of the projects that H.E. Fares founded include The Luxury Network Summit and The Luxury Network International Magazine in addition to https://tln.academy/ THE LUXURY NETWORK ACADEMY

An E-learning platform for individuals interested in joining the growing community of the luxury industry by giving everyone the opportunity to learn from the world’s bests in luxury. The Luxury Network Academy is the world’s first e-learning platform centered around luxury.

H.E. Fares Ghattas has been interviewed by publications such as Robb Report, BBC, Contour of Luxury Magazine, Q-Business Magazine, Alem Magazine, Harayer, Blerrp, Arabian Gazette, Gulftimes, Horizon & Beyond Magazine and many more. Q-Business Magazine named him “brilliant and one of the most interesting people working in the luxury business”