The Luxury Network is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing and business networking group; creating partnerships between the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. It is a private membership club, within which premium companies work together for mutual business development. The Luxury Network’s goal is to create new business partnerships between luxury brands and facilitate their joint marketing activities.

The Luxury Network Summit is yet another project created by The Luxury Network’s Global CEO, H.E. Fares Ghattas. Following the official launch of the network’s Turkish office, the first edition of the annual summit was victoriously celebrated last April 26-27 in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the morning of April 26th, the first day of the summit started with a networking breakfast at 8:30 am at the Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul. After having their breakfast, all of the lucky guests were taken by a stunning yacht to Beykoz Kundura. To sum up the first day of the event, a 6-course menu private dinner was prepared for the guests by The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, at their elegant meeting room, Cam, while they got mesmerized with the amazing view of Bosphorus.

Some of the memorable experiences prepared for the attendees during the summit were unique B2B networking activities, private dinner in a historical mansion, photo opportunities with a Rolls-Royce Ghost courtesy of Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, and Maserati Ghibli displayed on-site, a one-of-a-kind fashion show by the Moroccan fashion designer Meriem Belkhayat, an informative forum presented by some of the world’s most affluent names, and a showcase of luxury products and services by Mesa Mesken and Gilan Jewelry. A fragrance workshop was organized by MG International Fragrance Company for an olfactory journey for The Luxury Network’s guests.

A day prior to The Luxury Network Summit, an exquisite private dinner was graciously hosted by Demet Sabancı in her beautiful mansion that was magnificently built during the 1700s. The whole TLN global executives were invited to the mansion, together with some of the esteemed guests of the summit.


During the second day of the summit, the impeccable fashion talks were hosted at the Sait Halim Paşa Mansion. Several topics about the latest trends in fashion and media during this digital era were discussed during the forum. The Luxury Network did a spectacular job in putting together a group of powerful forum panelists that include: Meriem Belkhayat, Amal Almeen, Ezra and Tuba Çetin, Nihat Odabasi, Sophie Hussein, and Alia Alhamed.

The agenda of the summit focused on the opportunities that can arise in the luxury industry in Asia and Europe. A strong list of high-profile speakers, moderators, and presenters delivered during the event:

  • Adel Aref: Director of Cabinet of the Paris Saint Germain FC
  • Ahmad Sabra: RTS Investments Group Dubai, Board Member
  • Ahmad Sulaıman: CEO of AS Hair Experts
  • Alia Alhamed: Founder of IT Creative Group
  • Amal Ameen: Fashion Tycoon & Buyer
  • Anand Vengurlekar: INSEAD Business School CCO
  • Andreas Dripke: Diplomatic Council CEO to the United Nations
  • Angelo Bucarelli: Artist
  • Anna Kalashnikova: Artist
  • Aylin Gözen: Diamond High Council Jewellery Consultant
  • Ayşe Ege: Dice Kayek Fashion Designer
  • Cemalettin Akgül: Maestro Global, Founder
  • Cynthia Wee: Senior Partner of Vision Advisory
  • Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan: Demsa Group Chairman
  • Diana Verde: Positive Luxury CEO
  • Dilek Hanif: Fashion Designer
  • Erdem Akcıl: The Luxury Network Turkey CEO
  • Erhan Boysanoğlu: Chairman of Mesa Holding
  • Esmer Erdem: Design Connection Founder
  • Ezra Çetin-Fashion Designer
  • Ferhan Geylan: Gilan Jewellery Founder
  • Fflur Roberts: Global Luxury Manager for EuroMonitor UK
  • Güvenç Kiliç: Hiref Co-Founder
  • H.E Fares Ghattas: The Luxury Network Global CEO
  • Karen Boustany: Writer, TV Host, Owner of Eyestrategy
  • Leah Tedrow: Evoke Int. CEO
  • Marriam Musalli: Niche Arabia Founder
  • Meriem Belkhayat: Fashion Designer
  • Nihat Odabaşı: Photographer and Director
  • Seda Domaniç: Vogue Turkey Editor in Chief
  • Sedef Senar: Stratejist Communications Agency Founder
  • Simge Fıstıkoğlu Tavukçuoğlu: NTV News Anchor
  • Tamer Ceylan: Artist
  • Thierry Bayle: Global Fashion Management Founder
  • Tuba Çetin: Fashion Designer

When asked about the purpose of the summit, The Luxury Network Turkey General Director, Erdem Akçıl said:

“In the new economy of luxury, we create great opportunities and collaborations, including medium-sized brands. We are capable of bringing together a hotel and a car brand, a jewel and a brand of cosmetics, and many more. We strongly believe that Istanbul has more share in the cake of luxury summits globally. Our summit can produce a number of unique partnerships and it will be the meeting point of VIPs in various luxury sectors. That’s why, we brought together the giant personalities of fashion, retail, arts, entertainment, and yachting industries to Istanbul.”

The 2-day summit was wrapped up through a boat tour around Bosphorus and a dazzling celebratory after-party especially prepared for the wonderful guests.

According to Mr. Fares:

“Turkey is a nation with a strong and vibrant cultural heritage. Its most populous city, Istanbul, is nothing but a perfect destination for The Luxury Network Summit 2019. Istanbul offers the most beautiful views of Turkey, finest Turkish cuisine, and the most upscale experiences. We will always be thankful to each brand and individuals who supported us in every new venture we present to the world, our goal is to maintain the good relationship we have with our offices, member brands, and collaborative partners, that believe in our vision and support us in every possible way. We hope to exceed the expectations of our valued followers by creating more unique events in the future such as The Luxury Network Summit.”